And the word of Allah is the highest! (9:40)




Имена первых сподвижников, которые уверовали в Пророка (да благословит его Аллах и приветствует) и были неразлучны с ним в деле призыва:

1. Али ибн Абу Талиб – в момент принятия Ислама ему было 8 лет;

2. Зубайр ибн Аввам – 8 лет;

3. Тальха ибн Убайдуллах – 21 год;

4. Аркам ибн Абу…


Glad tidings to those who wait patiently and complain only to Allāh.


May Allah hasten the release of our beautiful brother Musa Cerantonio. He is one of the few brothers who spoke the Haqq from day one. Masha’Allah, he’s one of the brothers that inspired me, Allah guided me through him! Masha’Allah, love him for the sake of Allah and that was my last message to him. Please keep him in your duas. I am also hearing his wife has been arrested, may Allah release both of them, ameen!!!!